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Web Resources
Published on: May 09, 2007


1) Journal of College and Character (Florida St. U.)

2) Journal of Religion & Society

3) Religion and Education Journal (Northern Iowa U.)

4) CrossCurrents

5) First Things: The Journal of Religion and Public Life

6) Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation


1) Center for Study of Higher Education (Penn St. U.)

2) Center for the Study of Religion and Society

3) Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture (IUPUI)

4) Education as Transformation Project

5) Higher Education Research Institute (UCLA)

6) Society for Values in Higher Education


1) HERI Spirituality in Higher Education Project

2) National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

3) National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen

4) National Study of Youth and Religion (U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

5) Student Spiritual Development Project (Creighton U.)


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